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Posted by Steve Caruso , updated Tuesday, August 20, 2002 8:29 AM

What do people say about me and my research? Well, here are a few comments:

Specifically about this site (eMails):

"I have discovered your web page... Congratulation! I'm a cuban catholic priest studying the licenciate in Holy Scriptures in Madrid (What to do with aramaic?). Now I'm writing my thesis about Mk 1,39-45 (healing of the leper) and I began to learn syriac since I was interested in the syriac text of the Peshitta. I'm really astonished with it! I have discovered a lot of amazing things in this text (lost in the greek), which I would like to share with you (NB. I'm a beginner in this). I came to have serious doubts about the supposed "original greek" text of the Gospel, so I was delighted to read your interesting evidences on certain passages. I'm sure that I could add some of that evidences I found in the text I'm studying... Posh bshlama,"
-Valentin Sanz
"Shlama Steve, ana lamad aramit d'Dani'el w'Ezra, w"Syriac" d'Eshua w'havrateh. ani gam lomed ivrit b'universita, v'ani rotze she-aharim lilmod gam, cidei she-niqro torah bihud! I like the energy in your site! Keep up the good work. Shalom b'Shem Yehoshua!"
"Shlama Akhi Steve,╩I like your website really well. I've been thinking about putting together a book from an assortment of posts at, info from, George Lamsa, Paul Younan, etc., etc. Have you visited Paul Younan's Aramaic Grammar pages? They're of high quality! He's done some nice touchups on the online lexical concordance as well. I have made many posts at and I was wondering if you or someone you knew would like to collaborate with me or do some co-authoring, pooling of resources, etc.╩Occasionally I'll post something that really inspires Bro. Younan which is quite flattering considering he's a native speaker. I'll send you some of the better ones or several that╩make 'honest comparisons' between Aramaic and Greek texts if you'd like. Unless I'm terribly fooled, compiling some of your work and mine╩(as well as some of Paul Younan's and others on the forum who I'm sure wouldn't mind) should produce some good 'book quality' information that would be 'pleasantly provocative.' My computer skills and writing skills (although I did manage to pull out A's 'left and right' when taking Writing╩1╩for an extra English credit)╩probably need a little 'brushing up' and I'm sure you could be of inexhaustible help in that╩field. My approach is cut-and -dry Peshitta all the way,╩however╩I╩am fascinated by the Crawford Manuscript.╩I would enjoy a mutual exchange of thoughts and ideas between us very much....╩:-)"
-Larry Kelsey



From my friends at the forums:

Good Bad
"This dude is hard hitting in your face truthfull. He cuts to the chase and is developing a sharp mind for defending the faith against false teachings. Keep up the good work Thadman!"
"Assertions do not make your case. What would really be helpful would be some evidence for your assertions."
- parson
"Very helpful in the "Help! Common ground, biblical translation?" thread. Intelligent, not brash or inconsiderate. An asset to the thread and to the forum."
- madame president
"I gave you a negative rating just because I don't think you have anything worthy of reading, worthy of saying, but your not Christian and you grasping at straws with this hogie Aramaic text. Provide the original, provide even anything close to 2nd or 3rd century material. Whats that you can't , then hush! for you have nothing. To bad I could not rate you several times negative, just for fun."
"Wahoo! A language buff that can beat me up! I've met my match. Now I gotta go learn aramaic, too. Yeesh."
"God Bless:)"
"Thadman makes me think, and is always adding to the conversation. Thumbs up to Thadman. blessings, Bobo"
- bobo1
"Makes _beautiful_ websites"
- Gollum
"I am not sure if I can always believe this guy, but he seems to be an honest polemicist. Thx for the note about the Thomas Christians."
- C
"Always adds good stuff to the mix!!!"

If I have posted an email here that you wish to have removed, please send me an email.

Everything © 2002 Steve Caruso unless otherwise noted.
Please feel free to use this for private or public use, just send me an email first! :-)


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