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Aramaic Grammar
Learn basic Aramaic in your spare time :-)


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-1) The Alapbet
2) Vowels & Dialect Marks
3) Your First Nouns


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Posted by Steve Caruso , updated Tuesday, August 20, 2002 8:29 AM

Inspired by and, here is my attempt to bring forth a comprehensive Aramaic grammar for all of you Aramaic weekend-warriors out there :-)

This assumes that you know nothing about the language, so if you are already familliar with some of the lessons to begin with, you can always skip ahead. Use this page as means to however you learn best. Just remember that each lesson builds upon the one before it, so you may miss some things by skipping around.

As always, I have copyrights on these lessons. Feel free to use them anywhere for anything just give me an email first :-) I love to hear where my work is used (and I love it even more when it is distributed free of charge)!

Level 1:

Lesson 1: The Alapbet- The Semetic Alphabet in all of it's forms.
Lesson 2:

Aramaic Vowels- Eastern, Western, Edessan, and Hebrew vowels as well as dialect marks and "asperations."

Lesson 3: Your First Nouns- The first words you should know, and a discussion of how singular and plural are represented in Aramaic.
Lesson 4: Prepositions- The 4 Aramaic prepositions for "on/in," "to/for," "of/whom," and "and/also" (also known as "proclitics").
Lesson 5: Pronouns- How to say "I," "you," "him," "them," etc.
Lesson 6: Your First Verbs- The first verbs you should know, and how the present tense in Aramaic works.
Lesson 7: Personal Pronouns- How to say "my," "your," "his," "theirs," etc. (also known as "enclitics").


Everything © 2002 Steve Caruso unless otherwise noted.
Please feel free to use this for private or public use, just send me an email first! :-)


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